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Marble Surface


Placed throughout the high points of your face to simulate the appearance of freckles.  They will appear bold at first but heal softer and can last 9-18 months or longer. Application includes up to 3 different shades and varying sizes for the most natural results.



(1st  appointment 45 min, 2nd appointment 45 mins)

Beauty Mark


(1st appointment 30mins, 2nd appointment 30 mins) 

Before You Book

  • Must 18 yrs old or older to get tattooed in Baltimore City 

  • Can not be pregnant or nursing 

  • Stop using Retinols, anti-aging or anti-acne creams 1 week prior

  • No Botox 2 weeks before appointment 

  • No Laser or Peels 4 weeks before your appointment 

  • No filer in the area 4 weeks before appointment (this includes under eye and cheeks, where I might touch for stabilization) 

  • Can not be sun burnt 

  • Must be off Accutane for 1 year before getting tattooed 

  • Diabetes must be controlled and a doctors note has to be obtained 

  • Notify us if you are currently on blood thinner medication. 

  • Notify us if you have any ongoing medical condition(s) you are being treated for such as Lupus, Cancer, etc. 

  • Notify us if you have any moles, skin-tags or significant scarring in the area being tattooed. 


Before You Arrive

  • Please Give yourself enough time to arrive and find parking. 

  • Check your email for our electric form clearing you from any contraindications

  • Per Baltimore City health department guidelines: a paper consent will have to be filled out and a copy of your license will be made on arrival

​DO NOT workout the day of your appointment

DO NOT take aspirin or ibuprofen before your appointment, Acetaminophen is fine

DO NOT drink coffee the day of your appointment 

DO NOT drink alcohol 24 hours before your appointment 


Failure to follow any above guidelines might result in inability to Proform procedure that day and lost of booking fee


What to Expect

  • Come in with a clean face 

  • If you have an inspo pictures, please have it on hand 

  • Do not wear any scented lotions or perfumes.

  • Do not bring anyone under the age of 18 to your appointment. 

  • Freckles will be marked and 1-3 colors will be picked to use 

  • No pre numb needed, once skin is slightly opened 2nd numb will be used to make the client comfortable. 

  • Once the procedure begins, the process will take about 10-20 mins to be complete. 

  • Upon completion of the procedure, our Artists will explain all aftercare, and provide you with an aftercare kit.



  • Written and verbal aftercare will be given to you at your appointment, below is a reference of what to expect. 

  • Wash your hands before touching the tattooed area 

  • Blott and wipe freckles after, with in the first hour of getting them tattooed 

  • We created a wound and that wound will weep bodily fluids, keeping the wound clean will make sure there is no heavy scabbing 

  • Blott  to get the skin clean throughout the day for the first 3 days 

  • A cleanser will be given to use to use, lather and gently apply around and over tattooed area and rinse off completely

  • A damp paper towel is the best to use for cleaning 

  • After wiping freckles wait 5mins for tattoo to completely dry to apply ointment given to you. 

  • Do not apply other lotions or makeup for the first 7 days, only ointment provided 



Day 1 freckles will look darker than healed results 

Day 3-5 freckles scabs will start to fall off, do not pick them off.  Keep clean and moisturized. 

Day 5-8 Freckles will look light and slightly off color, give them a full 3 weeks for true healed results 

  • We are healing a open wound and an investment that is on your face, please follow the below guidelines to ensure optimal results 

  • DO NOT do anything that could cause dirt, dust or dander to enter the tattoo for the first 5 days. 

  • NO EXERCISING for 10 days, NO EXCEPTIONS. This includes any activates that will turn your face red.

  • Keep out of the Sun while healing, protect brows in the sun for lasting results 

  • No swimming, or direct water to the brows during the healing process

  • No makeup on tattooed area for 5 days

  • No tweezing, waxing, facials, peels or any facial treatments for a Full 2 weeks after tattooing

  • Do not pick or peel your brows while healing. This can result in scaring or a blotchy looking healed result 

Do not stress or over think the healing process. They will heal and complications are extremely rare. 

Get in Touch

Feel free to email Julie with any questions 

To Book Call 410.366.SKIN

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