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What is microblading and permanent makeup?

They are forms of cosmetic tattooing that implant pigment into the skin to create a desired look for the client.  


How long does Cosmetic tattooing last?

On average you will need a touch up every 1-3 years depending technique used, color of pigment in the skin, skin type, daily habits involving skincare and sun exposure and your body's natural chemistry.  


Does microblading hurt?

Everyone is different, but we do our best to ensure our clients are as comfortable as possible, and administer numbing products multiple times throughout the session! Most our clients experience no pain at all, while others have described it as a mild to moderate discomfort. Some may experience temporary swelling or tenderness, which is totally normal.


Am I a candidate for PMU? 

Pre-existing skin conditions and skin treatments can heavily compromise the effectiveness of microblading. If you feel like you may fall into one of these categories, please reach out to us with all concerns as we'll want to address them with you in advance.


How many treatments are needed?

Microblading requires a minimum of two sessions, 8–12 weeks apart. Touch-ups are normal and expected for all cosmetic tattoo procedures. Additional sessions will be charged according to our current pricing. Final results cannot be guaranteed, as each skin type retains and breaks down pigment differently. Frequency of touch-ups depends on a number of factors (such as pigment shade used, lifestyle, iron deficiency, and skincare regimen). A re-evaluation takes place at the refining appointment to determine how the skin has received the pigment, and any necessary changes will be made. The refining appointment is recommended 8–12 weeks post initial appointment. People with lighter hair, correction work or sparse eyebrows may require more than one follow-up to reach their desired look at an additional cost.


How should I prepare for my appointment?

In order to insure the best results and color deposit, please do not drink alcohol any less than 24 hours before your tattoo. Consume coffee or take aspirin or Ibuprofen or workout the day of your procedure.  We encourage clients to come in with their brows drawn in, even if it isn't your 'brow goal' we like to have reference point of your personal style. 


What are the immediate results? What should I expect?

Your cosmetic tattooing will appear darker and bigger than expected for the first few days. This will gradually lighten during the complete healing process. Please view the detailed Aftercare page.


How do I take care of my new eyebrows/cosmetic tattoo?

You will be given aftercare products, as well as aftercare instructions, after each appointment. For full details on aftercare and what to expect, you can also visit the Aftercare page.


How do I book my cosmetic tattoo appointment?

We would be honored to work with you! Bookings can be made online.


Succulent Leaves

"I work with numerous women who have lash extensions, and I have been told over, and over again how 'top shelf' mine are."

I can not say enough about this place!!! I have been microbladed, and have lash extensions. NEVER in my life have I received so many compliments. I work with numerous women who have lash extensions, and I have been told over, and over again how "top shelf" mine are. Julie is my go to girl, she has the best personality, and she is so skilled. I love that my microblading isn't the cookie cutter shape everyone seems to have, the are perfect for my face and not obvious! My lashes are gorgeous, she took her time and made me look effortlessly beautiful! I will never go anywhere else.  Thank you Charm city skin for making this tired mom of 3 feel beautiful


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